Core values:

  • Integrity - As RFA we inspire trust through honesty and ethical behaviour – what we say matches what we do.
  • Accountability - As RFA we acknowledge and assume responsibility for your actions, decisions and policies and learn from all situations to improve our internal and external services.
  • Efficiency - As RFA we allocate and utilise resources in a way that maximises benefit to customers by ensuring we deliver quality outputs on time to meet or exceed expectations.
  • Transparency - As RFA we make decisions that are clear in terms of their context, rationale and communication.
  • Teamwork - As RFA we work co-operatively, supporting and respecting one another and recognising group achievements while resolving conflict in an open and agreed manner.
  • Innovation- As RFA we continuously seek new ways of unlocking value for our   stakeholders through better ways of planning and doing.
  • Service Excellence - As RFA we maintain the highest possible standards in implementation, with a continuous focus on internal and external stakeholder needs and   providing clear feedback on our performance.


 Telephone: +264 61 433 3000 Facsimile: +264 61 433 3070  Physical Address:  21 Feld Street, Windhoek, Namibia 
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